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  1. analfrost

    Buckley described it as an album that, “To this day, you can’t put…on at a party without stopping things; it doesn’t fit in.”

  2. padleynj

    Buckley was awarded five stars from downbeat magazine for Starsailor, which is only reserved for masters. Critic hailed him, he wasn’t bending in the wind for the pop audience .

  3. gordonmarcel

    Lorca,esp”anon prop”the first track is one of those-revelatory,can recall where you were,what was goin on in your life experiences.Magnificent!

  4. kawah88

    Good point! I totally agree! I am a huge fan of Tim Buckley. I need 3 more albums before I have them all on vinyl. My dad saw Tim Buckley live in 1969 as well during his “Happy Sad” album. Phenomenal jazz album. Easily one of the greatest albums ever.

  5. kawah88

    You obviously don’t know shit about Tim Buckley. He was not confined to one genre of music. He believed in experimenting. That is why this song and album exists. Not because of Heroin. Every album Tim Buckley did was completely different. Every album is brilliant. But it is a shame that that motherfucker said “Go head, take it all” (heroin).

  6. sammyskaterFL18

    and at 8:40, 9:00. his voice is as much an instrument as anything going on in the back

  7. qeimapa

    amazing avant-garde jazz arrangement, in 5/4 time. stunning voice with an interpretation full of desperate passion. the critics are just ridiculous.

  8. Aphexporn

    Kissing your ass solves nothing but your homosexuality. If you knew Tim personally and knew he was on a cocktail of drugs, still doesnt take away his musical dymanics.

    Go chew some steak.

  9. steakmuncher

    I think it shows, like your comment does, a real indicator of absinthe and heroin going on at the same time. Maybe you got some jacked up stereo equipment at home, or mp3 doesn’t stress the total dysfunction of the man at the time and his need for speed-the drug man. So,take your dynamism and go kiss my ass.

  10. 3muimui

    Let the sun sing in your smile
    Let the wind hold your desire
    Let your womans voice run through your veins
    Let her be your blood don’t feel ashamed

    She’s your home when no one wants you
    She’ll give you life when you’re so tired
    She’ll ease your fears ah when you’re a stranger

  11. 3muimui

    She’s born to give faith to you
    Oh, just to you

    You’re just a man on death’s highways
    It’s life you owe you’re here to praise it
    If love flows your way then be a river
    & when it dries just stand there & shiver

  12. 3muimui

    Oh, let the sun sing in your smile
    Let the wind hold your desire
    And let your womans voice run through your veins
    Let her be your blood don’t feel ashamed
    It’s her life you owe
    I owe you love

  13. chibinski

    the gut who (a med student) gave tb the heroin did three or four months for his death, so the was some culpability.

  14. padleynj

    The other song that moves me on this albumn is Anonymous Proposition…what unearthly music tim created..such beauty!!! The critics are baffled…..

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