CARTAGENA COLUMBIAN COUGH – Fade Out Friday – The WEED Report Un-Cut CARTAGENA COLUMBIAN COUGH – Fade Out Friday – The WEED Report Un-Cut New Media Superstar Dave Warden is bringing his work home with him again. When he’s not at the shop dispensing WEED he’s at home thinking about WEED! dave warden the weed report thc marijuana smoke chronic skunk blunts

25 pensamientos en “CARTAGENA COLUMBIAN COUGH – Fade Out Friday – The WEED Report Un-Cut

  1. lastdayinsin3

    I like how you’re correcting someone’s spelling while blatantly ignoring the grammatical errors and “chat speak” in your message. No one likes a know it all buddy, especially one who, obviously, doesn’t know it all.

  2. MrWestsida1234

    strawberry cough was the first weed strain i every tried and it was really, really dank.

  3. creative36

    Warden – “Lets tear it open. Lets go in the backside, Tears open bud) – Ooh!”

    Lol! great!.

  4. 420medhead

    Everyone should do this for the peace of mind of every patient who trusts this person they never met and buys their meds from.It should be expected by us the patients and we have a right to know how our meds r being grown!
    Peace and Pot=Good Living:-)

  5. 420medhead

    Strawberry cough is sooo
    Yesterday man come on out of the woods buddy we won’t bite ya.Just sayin man nobody wants these meds of yesteryear man! We want the shit that smells like you know…….”the shit” whoooo that’s the shit man!Peace and Pot=Good Living:-)

  6. TurdNugget333

    yeah like a lot of other people would say..strawberry cough was one of the best strains I have ever smoked! You must have had really shitty luck Dave

  7. TheMank35

    9:35 S O S O G double O D good. kfc commercial comes on right as he starts tp hit the bong

  8. chasewentz

    @BrendaxPrendax no, definitely not. have to have a medical marijuana card and to get one you must be a resident in the state of California. BOOM BITCHES.

  9. chasewentz

    Damn Dave, you are one to torch the shit out of a bowl.

    ..sometimes I leave your videos asking myself, “why”?


    FLA has some really good NYC Diesel going around right now, and is one of the best Sativa’s i’ve ever sparked. I’m pretty sure theres some indica in there aswell cause after about 10 minutes the body is buzzing pretty good. Most buds are somewhat dense with a bit of an airy-ness , Smell is GRRRRRReat a little sweet with a hint of the usual diesel when the bud is cracked open, crazy crystals and hair. tastes more sweet with and after taste of the truck fuel.

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