Cartagena de Indias: A story of five elements

Promotional documentary of the most beautiful city of the caribbean.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

8 pensamientos en “Cartagena de Indias: A story of five elements

  1. spellbounduk

    que bueno ver este tipo de videos, que no hacen falsa y ordinaria publicidad, buen contenido !

    lo unico que le cambiaria al video es la rapidez, a veces se pone muy lenta la narracion.

    pero bien, felicitaciones

  2. McMoneaux

    God bless Colombia and all its people.. a country beautiful, colorful and full of warmful and peaceful people!!
    Love you from Connecticut, USA!

  3. jocadue1954

    An excellent lesson of history full of detail of all the suffering and strugle of the natives and the successful victory against all the foreign tiranies. A beautiful place to visit and love forever.

  4. oscarioc

    Wow, what a beatuful approach to Cartagena’s history and beauty. Thanks for such an interesting documentary.

  5. NewYorkerBarres

    Thank you for giving us a historical and loving tribute to the spendid and awesome Cartagena de Indias. God bless Colombia with peace, prosperity and happiness. Jean

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